When should I book in for my first wax?

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So many clients ask us when is the best time to start their waxing journey, and even more get to the summer months and curse themselves for not allowing their hairs to grow so they can be free from the shaving routine.

So when is the best time of year to bite the bullet and book in for your first wax? And why does it matter?

If we’re being completely honest, it doesn’t actually matter. As long as you have growth that is a similar length to a grain of rice, you’re ready to be waxed! But if you’re someone who can’t bare to walk out the door in the summer without getting the razor out then maybe being strategic with your appointments could finally get you into a good rhythm.

Hair growth goes through 3 different stages, and when we shave we often catch the hairs at different stages which is why we sometimes find some areas seem to grow back quicker then others. Waxing removes the hair from the follicle so, over time ensures that the hairs all grow at a similar stage! This may mean that it’ll take a few appointments to get that silky finish (but we promise it is so worth the wait!).

This is where strategically booking your appointments can really help! If you start your waxing journey in the winter, for example, then by the summer your hairs will be in the same growth stage and growing back finer! Perfect for if you want to be able to get your legs out and not have to worry about how much hair growth you may have. 



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