Discover the allure of Calgel nails, the ultimate fusion of style and durability. Renowned for its unrivalled strength and exquisite finish, Calgel offers a nail enhancement experience like no other.

Indulge in a world of vibrant colours, captivating designs, and flawless finishes that endure the test of time. Whether you desire a classic, understated look or crave a bold, statement-making manicure, Calgel delivers with precision and grace.

What sets Calgel apart is its commitment to nail health. Formulated with the finest ingredients, Calgel not only adorns your nails with stunning beauty but also nurtures and protects them. Say goodbye to brittle nails and hello to strength and resilience.

CALGEL OVERLAYS FEET          £35.00

calgel infills                      £35.00

Calgel overlays/soak off   £37.00

Gel Polish 

Gel polish is applied like polish with a base coat, two coats of gel polish and a top coat. Between each coat of gel polish, the nails are cured under a UV light. This gel formula delivers a long lasting, flawless finish that’s dry in seconds and protects the natural nail. We do recommend having a Prescriptive Manicure or Pedicure with all gel treatments.

Gel polish is perfect for people with really strong nails naturally, or not wanting to maintain the up keep of having gels on there nails. We explain to our customers its a long lasting nail polish. 

If your seeking help to grow your nails and would like longer lasting gel we would recommend Calgel or Biab builder. Please see below. 
All our are fantastic but do very different jobs. Please call the salon if you need any more advice and we would be happy to explain more.

GEL HANDS            £29.00
gEL TOES               £29.00

"3 weeks & my nails still look amaziNG!



Nails are analysed and treated for their specific type. We will then shape your nails to your desire, followed by softening and removing cuticles, hand massage with a deep conditioning hand cream then finishing with a prescriptive base coat followed by perfectly polishing your nails with a colour of your choice.

This treatment is perfect for more of a pamper. Your treatment will begin with a prescriptive manicure. A masque is then applied followed by Thermal Heated Mitts for deeper penetration of oils and creams. To finish off your fingers will be perfectly polished. This treatment is excellent for increasing circulation and relieving stiff, painful joints.

This treatment can either be a file and nail polish application or softening and removing cuticles. Both of these treatments are excellent for people on the go or just need a quick tidy up of the nails.


Luxury Manicure

Express Manicure

This pedicure is excellent for people on the go or just need a quick tidy up of the nails. This treatment includes file and nail polish application.

A beautiful pamper for your feet. This treatment is perfect for those who don’t suffer with much dead skin on the feet and just fancy a treat. Starting with a tidy up of your nails and cuticles, exfoliation works to refine the texture of your feet and remove dead skin. A soothing massage will smooth over fine lines and lock in moisture. Finishing with a nail colour of your choice (can be upgraded to gel).

Your journey begins with a soothing foot soak, infused with aromatic essential oils tailored to your preferences. The warm water gently caresses your feet, preparing them for the indulgence that awaits. Our expertly trained pedicurist tends to every detail, meticulously shaping and buffing your nails to perfection, ensuring they mirror your desired style – be it chic and understated or elegantly intricate.
The highlight of this experience lies in the embrace of the heated booties. Specially crafted to envelop your feet in a cocoon of warmth, the booties are designed to enhance the absorption of nourishing creams and lotions. As your feet are cradled in the gentle embrace of the booties, tension and stress melt away, leaving you in a state of blissful relaxation. The heat gently opens your pores, allowing the rich emollients to penetrate deeply, leaving your skin supple and your spirits uplifted.
While your feet bask in the luxurious warmth, our pedicurist performs a meticulous exfoliation, sloughing off dead skin cells and revealing the radiant, velvety-soft skin beneath. A calming massage follows, expertly administered to target pressure points and promote circulation, further enhancing the therapeutic benefits of the treatment, finishing with a colour of your choice.

Express Pedicure


Luxury Pedicure

Manicure & Gel 
LUXURY Manicure & Gel 

luxury pedicure
pedicure with gel finish
luxury pedicure
with gel finish 



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