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"this year we are making a celebration of self love and self care."

Hopi ear candles work to ease congestion, migraines, tinnitus and other ailments. A specialist Gua Sha massage breaks down the fascia and tension in the muscles, helping with knots, aches and pains and leaves the face looking sculpted and glowy. Finished with a rose petal eye mask. 

This year we are making a celebration of Self love and Self care. Self care is so important, it produces positive feelings whilst boosting confidence and self esteem yet it’s something the majority of us seem to really struggle with!
 Whether it’s guilt or feeling like we don’t have the time, we’ve all at some point probably craved some time for ourselves but made an excuse as to why it isn’t possible. 

"My experience was absolutely amazing!"

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For some people, self care is meditation, yoga and eating well. For others, it’s a face mask and glass of wine on a Friday night. What it is, as long as it’s serving you well, doesn’t really matter. It’s more the practice of doing something for you on a regular basis. 

One of my favourite self care activities is my monthly facial. Being as it’s my job it would be quite easy to just do myself a treatment at home, but mentally I know I wouldn’t feel the same impact. It’s an hour of my month I really look forward to where I can be away from my phone and the outside world and just totally switch off. For a while, I would find it quite easy to cancel or forget to book my facial because other things would get in the way. I now make it a non negotiable part of my routine and make sure I always have next months booked in as a way to keep up with my appointments. I know by having these appointments I’m giving my body and mind a total break - the glowing skin is just a massive bonus! 

Why don’t you set yourself a target with the intention of self love. Instead of saying “I keep meaning to treat myself to a pedicure but-“, book in for the pedicure! Treat yourself to the fancy candle you’ve been eyeing up for ages. Do something that’s entirely for you - and don’t feel guilty about it! 

"Do something that i’s entirely for you" 

Gina x


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