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For years, the only non permanent way to jazz your brows up a little was with a good old wax and tint, and this treatment absolutely still has its place for those whose colouring is quite simple and they just want a bit of a tidy up. But what about those of you who suffer from sparse brows? Or find sometimes that tinting doesn’t quite give you a “natural” colour or last as long as you’d like? Or you may even struggle with gaps? We have the answer for you.

Introducing the Bronsun dye - currently the only dye on the market that will give the same long-lasting results as henna! The Bronsun works to give long-lasting and even coverage on the brows, lasting up to 14 days on the skin and 5-6 weeks on the hair - giving those the option who want a fuller brow to go bold or if you prefer natural, we can just fill in any gaps and select a colouring best suited for your natural hair.

The ammonia- free formula ensures a gentle effect on the hair structure and isn’t too harsh for those with a more sensitive skin and the range of colours means we can be more flexible with the shade of your brows so they can still look natural.

If you want to give this dye a go and start your brow journey then make sure you book in for the hybrid brow on our website or the signature brow sculpt if you want a lamination as well.

A patch test is always required.

Rebecca x

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